[Benefits of Winter Melon Juice]_ Winter Melon Juice _ Effect _ Nutritional Value

[Benefits of Winter Melon Juice]_ Winter Melon Juice _ Effect _ Nutritional Value

Many people may ignore melon as an ingredient in life. In fact, melon has high nutritional value and is good for health. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more in life. It is very popular to squeeze melon into juice to drink.The benefits of eating this way are even more.

First, the effect and effect of melon juice 1, the effect of melon juice and the diuretic swelling effect, melon contains vitamin C metabolism, and rich in sodium and potassium, so the effect of melon juice on hypertension,Symptoms such as kidney disease and edema disease have very good auxiliary effects, and the most amazing thing about the effect of melon juice is that it can reduce swelling without hurting righteousness, that is, there is no any.

2. Glycolic acid contained in melon also makes the effect of melon juice have a weight loss effect. The effect of melon juice can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the content of melon itself is not high, and basically there is no misfortune, soThe effect of winter melon juice has a good effect on weight loss. In addition to the weight loss, winter melon juice can help shape the body and make it look more fit.

3. The effect of melon juice is similar to that of watermelon, both have the magic effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat.

Winter melon juice is cold, clears heat, and gets rid of heat. In hot summer days, it is easy to get angry or taste tongue coating. At this time, take some freshly squeezed winter melon juice to relieve heat and quench thirst.

Second, the effect of winter melon juice: clearing heat and poisoning, urinate, quench thirst and annoyance, remove dampness and relieve heat, and relieve fish poison.

Indications: swollen fever, unfavorable urination, upset heart, thirsty face, swollen belly.

Description: Winter melon is an ideal daily food for antipyretic and diuretic purposes.

Its nature is cold and cold, and the soup is even more taken.

If you want to clear the heat, relieve thirst and diuretic effect, you need to take soup (even skin is better) to take it; but those who are weak and have kidney deficiency can cause back pain; those who are fat and want to be thin and light can take itThe role of melon juice: 1. Diuretic and swelling The melon contains vitamin C, and the potassium content is high, the sodium content is reduced, and patients with hypertension, kidney disease, edema, etc. can eat it to reduce swelling without hurting righteousness.Role.

2. The glyceric acid contained in weight loss melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the melon itself does not contain trace amounts and the conversion is not high. It is of great significance to prevent the body from gaining weight and can make the body fit.

3, clearing the heat and relieving the coldness of the melon, refreshing the heat and getting rid of the heat, silence the heat and eliminate the troubles, especially in summer.

Fourth, winter melon juice beauty: You can use the following method one for conditioning: (chloasma, butterfly spot) winter melon juice, white vinegar is the same amount, smooth the face, 2?
Wash 3 times, wash off after 10 minutes, and remove it for half a month.

Spot removal method: Winter melon white vinegar mask Ingredients: winter melon juice, white vinegar.

Method: Mix the same amount of melon juice and white vinegar on the face, 2-3 times a day, wash off after 10 minutes.

Efficacy: For half a month, melasma and butterfly spots will be removed immediately.

White vinegar and winter melon juice can be used for freckle removal. Mainly for the yellow-brown class butterfly spot, white vinegar juice is equal to white vinegar.

Use it for half a month to remove it.
In addition to facial pigmentation and fresh tomato juice honey, mix 5: 1, apply to the face, wash after 10 minutes, and use it for 10-15 days, can decompose melanin and make the skin white and ruddy.

The main effect of melon (juice) is diuretic swelling.


It has good water.


Go to fire.

Thirst quenching and annoying.

Dispels dampness and heat.

For edema.



Fish and crab poisoning.


Pain such as diabetes can be achieved.

It is also an excellent helper to eliminate edema when losing weight!