[Detox diet has a good effect, plus an action effect to turn it several times!

[Detox diet has a good effect, plus an action effect to turn it several times!

The word “detoxification” also comes into people’s health concept.

As a result, various detoxification methods have appeared, such as detox foot washers, detox foot patches, large intestine spas, etc. Some beauty salons have also initiated “lymphatic detoxification” projects, that is, massage lymphatics can drain toxins from the lymph.

Can these methods really detox?

the answer is negative.

The simple way to remove toxins from the body is purely non-audited. The best way is to “self-therapy” for different toxins in various systems of the body and strengthen the body’s metabolism in order to achieve “100 poisons without invasion.”

Clearing “Lung Poison” Actively coughs and takes a deep breath. A person’s daily breathing can send several liters of air into the lungs, and bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances floating in the air also enter the lungs.

Recommendation: The best way to reduce lung toxins is to breathe more fresh air and avoid breathing foul air.

If someone is smoking around, you must avoid inhaling “secondhand smoke” and try not to stay in a place full of smoke for a long time.

Don’t forget to wear a mask when traveling in sandy weather.

In addition, you can practice deep breathing in the fresh air or after the rain: relax the stomach and touch it lightly with your fingertips; then inhale gently with your nose, at this time your fingertips can feel the stomach bulging until the wholeThe stomach is filled with gas; let the gas rest in the stomach for 4 seconds, then exhale slowly with your mouth.

Active coughing can also sweep the lungs axially.